Cretan Labdanum

Labdanum ~ the original cistus creticus resin

Traditionally harvested manually

Natural cultivation of cistus creticus plant

Cretan Labdanum Resin

Cretan Labdanum

Cistus Labdanum

Rassoulis Stylianos General Trading is a family owned business founded in Sisses Crete in 1975. Our vision was to grow strong and trustworthy bounds ties with our associates/clients, through Greek Labdanum (لابدانوم يوناني) trade. Now, after almost of five decades of hard work, our goal is your best serving through our quality Labdanum products.

The commerce of labdanum from the island of Crete to the Middle East countries is dated since the ancient years. Thanks to this commerce friendship bounds were developed between our people. Today, as the demands and needs of our customers are higher than ever, we strive to meet their expectations through our fast service and quality products.

Labdanum is a plant which grows in the island of Crete and specially in the area of village Sisses (where our factory is located). It is a natural plant cultivation and harvest of which our company organized during the last 20 years. Today we are proud to inform you that we succeeded to get the highest quality Labdanum with the help of our years of experience and work force team as it concerns smelling-burning, color and texture.

In mid-April, Labdanum’s collection period begins until the end of August. The picking period depends on and is directly affected by the weather conditions, which can, if they are ideal, offer increased production of the plant, or destroy it if there is a lot of rain and south winds with high temperatures in the area.

The harvest is a laborious and delicate procedure for exceptional skilled workmen, that is taking place in a region of hundreds of acres. By rubbing the “ladanisterion” on the plant, the resin is being stuck on the strips. In that way, slowly and methodically they collect the resin from the leaves of the bush. Afterwards, they leave the “ladanisterion” exposed in the sun, for the Labdanum to get warm and soft, in order to make easier the separation process. The separation is being made with the help of “Xistre” a tool that drags the Labdanum from the stripes.

Then, the solid Labdanum must come into the laboratory where it is worked out under special finishing, where its quality is checked. Now Labdanum is ready for the final tests which concern its hardness – smell and burning. After the final tests Labdanum is ready to get into the pack-up section where it will be packed and kept under special temperature in order not to lose its attributes.